In Hryshko Botanical Garden, special chestnuts are blooming

Thinking what to do with kids in Kyiv? Why not visit botanical gardens? As a rule, chestnuts in Kyiv start blooming in the middle of May. But not all of them. In the National Botanical Garden named after Hryshko, a special kind of chestnuts known as a "symbol of the capital" is growing – bush chestnuts, according to VechirniyKyiv.

Chestnuts in Kiev

‘Did you know that not all chestnuts are trees? And their flowering is not limited to spring time? In our botanical garden chestnuts are blooming in the midst of the summer, as it is typical for this species. Aesculus parviflora Walt, chestnut fractional flower, is blooming now, as it blossoms much later than the rest of the species. Its natural area is North America. The bush has grown up to 4 m high,’ explains the staff of the garden.


The bushes of this species can grow up to 5 meters. Unlike other chestnuts, in autumn leaves of this species do not burst, but acquires an attractive bright yellow color. Chestnuts themselves also look interesting, as they do not look like "hedgehogs", but rather like nuts. 


Address: Hryshko National Botanical Garden, Temeryazivska street 1.