Ivan Kupala celebrations and electronic music at the Art-Plant "Platform"

Thinking what to do in Kyiv? On 5-6 July the Art-Plant "Platform" in Kyiv invites everyone to join the celebration of Ivan Kupala. As the Ulichnaya Eda informs on the Facebook event page, Ivan Kupala festival’s program will be rich and include jumping through the fire, making wreaths, looking for a fern flower and much more.

Art Zavod Platforma

"We will turn the location into a fantastic forest, decorate the park of a thousand candles and add electronic music," the organizer says.


You will have the opportunity to join such activities as fern flower searches, dancing in the water, making wreaths, Kupala fire, traditional round dancing. Apart from this, the organizers promise lots of electronic music. 


Date & time: 5-6 July at 18.00.

Address: Art-Plant "Platform" (known as Art-Zavod "Platform"), Bilomorska Str. 1, Kyiv.


P.S. Traditionally, from July 6 to July 7, Ukraine celebrates the magic folk festival of Ivan Kupala. Traditions and activities connected with this holiday dated back to Pagan rituals. Its name was originally Kupala. After the adaption by Orthodox Christianity, it got the word "Ivan" (John, here John the Baptist).