The list of world's best restaurants with the best wine cards has included Ukrainian restaurants

Where to drink wine in Kyiv? What is the best wine bar in Odesa? What is the best spot to drink a glass of wine in Lviv or Dnipro? The American edition of Wine Spectator has presented the annual rating of the world's restaurants with the best wine cards of 2019. 24 Ukrainian restaurants from Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv, and even Bucha town located not far from Kyiv were ranked according to the annual rating of the magazine Wine Spectator.

Wine restaurant in Kiev

In total, the magazine published three ratings, naming Grand Awards 2019, which identifies top 100 restaurants in the world with the best wine cards, and two extended ratings, called Best of Award of Excellence and AWARD of Excellence, which featured Ukrainian restaurants. The winners were determined by leading sommeliers from around the world. They evaluated the exclusivity of wines in the wine list, as well as the combination of a wine card with a menu.


About 1244 restaurants from all over the world have been awarded the Best of Award of Excellence. Experts rated restaurants that can offer at least 350 wines. The award marks six Kyiv and one Odesa restaurant:


Catch, Kyiv (wine card 440, wine cellar 2500)

Lucky Restaurant Vinotheque, Kyiv (wine card 3500, wine cellar 12 000

Piccolino, Kyiv (wine card 360, wine cellar 1 100)

Vero Vero, Kyiv (wine card 360, wine cellar 1500)

Veranda on the River, Kyiv (wine list 1 500, wine cellar 3 000)

Vino e Cucina, Kyiv (wine list 1 170, wine cellar 8 000)

Bernardazzi, Odesa (wine list 1 335, wine cellar 4 850)


Award of Excellence category included 2,447 restaurants worldwide. Experts rated restaurants with a wine list of at least 90 titles. The list includes 10 Kyiv restaurants, five restaurants in the city of Dnipro, one restaurant in Bucha town, and one restaurant in Lviv and Odessa: 


101 Wine Bar, Kyiv (wine list 130, wine cellar 700)

Bassano, Kyiv (wine list 215, wine cellar 3 500)

Beef Meat & Wine, Kyiv (wine list 120, wine cellar 800)

Bigoli, Kyiv (wine list 365, Wine cellar 2 600)

Hutorets on the Dnipro, Kyiv (wine list 100, wine cellar 500)

Kuvshyn, Kyiv (wine list 135, wine cellar 1 200)

Odessa Restaurant, Kyiv (wine list 140, wine cellar 700)

Trattoria Zucca, Kyiv (Wine Card 100, Wine Cellar 300)

Vinsanto Wine Bar, Kyiv (Wine Card 185, Wine Cellar 570)

Zafferano Kyiv (wine list 130, wine cellar 1300)

Toscana Grill, Bucha (wine list 210, wine cellar 1 400)

Artist, Dnipro (wine list 190, wine cellar 1 060)

Coast, Dnipro (wine list 385, wine cellar 2 300)

Mishi Blyahera, Dnipro (wine list 105, wine cellar 550)

Park. Art of Rest, Dnipro (wine list 205, wine cellar 1 400)

Reporter, Dnipro (wine list 245, wine cellar 1 805)

De Vine Restaurant, Lviv (wine list 355, wine cellar 3 200)

Jardin, Odesa (wine list 220, wine cellar 950)


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