"Night in Lviv" festival

This year's "Night in Lviv" festival will take place on July 12-14. Night excursions are another tourist attraction of Lviv. So the cultural life of Lviv continues to a deep night. Traditionally, a promotional action "Night in Lviv" is held twice a year in July and November in the city. About 100 night excursions, theatrical performances, artistic performances, museums, theaters, galleries are held for guests and residents of the city.

Nightlife in Lviv
Photo: Facebook/Night in Lviv

For the first time Night in Lviv was held as a promo-action in 2011 and has already grown into a full-fledged festival that concentrates as much as possible on cultural life and allows you to rethink the cultural space of Lviv. This is not just a tour of museums at night. For the convenience of visitors, tickets for festival events can be purchased online, and public transport is continued until the end of the festival.


Thinking what to see and do in Lviv? Why not visit the festival? Here you will find the festival program.