The first futuristic capsule hotel opens in Kyiv

Where to stay in Kyiv? What hotel to choose? The first futuristic capsule hotel opens in the center of Kyiv. Monotel high-tech capsule hotels # 1 in UA is a network of hotels of the future with sleeping monocapsules and space for couples, kitchen zone, co-working area, cool stuff monoShop, and lounge area. 

Hotel in Kiev

Here you’ll be able stay overnight, take a nap or refresh at affordable price. The first one will open near Bessarabska Square, then near the Golden Gate, one more next to the Kyiv cycling track, and later in Lviv and Odesa. The cost is 950 UAH (approx. 33 Euro) per day. 

Monotel capsule hotel in Kiev

For more information about the futuristic hotel or to book a monocapsule, please go to the hotel's website.