Zoo under the microscope in Kyiv

What to see and do in Kyiv with kids? On the territory of VDNG in the 23 pavilion "Science" the laboratory "Zoo under the microscope" works. You and your children have an opportunity to become real scientists for a while. There you will become familiar with microorganisms, minerals, fossils, insects, seeds, etc.

Zoo under the microscope in Kiev
Photo: mikrozoo.in.ua

If you want to discover something new and fascinating for yourself, you still need to visit the science-cognitive museum and laboratory "Zoo under the microscope" at least once. Here you will find many interesting locations in which you can examine everything that is happening in the microscopic world and see the bacteria under a microscope. Lovers of new discoveries will find this museum very interesting and extraordinary!


The exhibition will give you a unique opportunity to watch the life of organisms that are not accessible to the human eye. You will find out how the slipper animalcule looks and get acquainted with new representatives of microbes.


The Laboratory will give you the unforgettable impressions of the first experiments. Only here you will learn how to work correctly with a microscope, learn the basics of experiments. 


More information about the exhibition you can find here.