The musical festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage will take place in Kyiv

The musical festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage will take place in Kyiv on August 16-26, 2019. The program includes more than two dozen concerts, according to Informator. You will be able to listen to classical, modern chamber and symphonic, jazz, electronic and experimental music. Ukrainian and foreign bands, orchestras, world-renowned soloists and conductors will perform at the "Sophia of Kyiv" on the open air stage.

Musical festival in Kiev

Among the performers you’ll hear the legendary Norwegian musician and composer Eisteane Sevog, pianist Oleskiy Hryniuk and violinist Andrii Belov, American-Israeli jazz pianist Guy Mintuz, opera singers Tammy Gensrad and Nicholas Isherwood from the United States and many others. Five orchestras, namely the New Era Orchestra, the National Presidential Orchestra, the Kyiv Fantastic Orchestra, the Kyiv soloists and the Virtuosos of Kyiv, will take part in the festival. The highlight of the festival is the theme "Sounds of the city". Among the festival's surprises this year there will be creation of symphonies by modern musicians and composer Serhii Krutsenko, which will become a soundtrack for the festival.


"Bouquet Kyiv Stage" is a city festival that appeared due to the love for Kyiv. Its core is music and sounds. Hence the idea of the contest "Sounds of the City" was born,” the ideological inspirer and organizer of the Bouquet Kyiv Stage Iryna Budanska says.