Amazing photo of a bird from Vyrlytsia hit the top of National Geographic

The National Geographic edition posted a photo of the Ukrainian photographer on its website, according to Vechirniy.Kyiv. The edition informs: "The bearded tit spies on the photographer. Photographed on the lake Vyrlytsia, Kiev, Ukraine." 

A bird

"The NatGeo edition posted my photo on its blog as one of the 12 best photos last week!" said the photo's author Igor Chervonenko and added that he was glad that people liked his work.


And a bit of information from Wikipedia. A bearded tit  is a small bird, slightly smaller than a sparrow. In Ukraine it is common in the valley of the Dnipro and in the river plains of the steppe zone. It inhabits in cane thickets, and rarely in the coastal thickets of willows.