Art exhibition "Flowers and Birds" in Lviv

What to see and do in Lviv? On July 18, the gallery Proart invites all art lovers to visit an exhibition of the 2nd International Plenary named after Volodymyr Patyk "Flowers and Birds", according to Vgorode.ua.

art exhibition in Lviv

Flowers and birds in the Ukrainian decorative arts, including carpets and embroidery. Flowers and birds in the fine arts of oriental cultures. Continuation of traditions or modern postmodern vision in the work of professional artists. Flowers and birds as a plot in fine arts, either decorative motif, stylized and abstracted by the collective unconscious. These are the questions that faced the artists who take part in the plenary, held under the patronage of the Western Ukrainian Regional Center of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.


Date: July 18 - August 1.

Address: Proart Gallery, Heroiv of UPA str., 77.