Film industry is growing in Kyiv

Kyiv can boast of more than two thousand filming days per year, which are held within the limits of various film projects. This was stated by the Kyiv Film Commission during the Odessa International Film Festival, Kyiv State City Administration reports.

Movie shooting in Kyiv

The organization notes that the prestige of the city is that foreign companies want to create their own cinema products together with Ukrainian companies, which, accordingly, raises the level of all the Ukrainian film industry. And the appearance of the city in foreign advertising, music videos, films and serials improves the visibility and tourist attractiveness of Kyiv.


It should be mentioned that the Kyiv Film Commission is a city organization that is engaged in the promotion of Kyiv for the production of audio-visual products (cinema, advertising, music video clips), as well as providing consulting and information services in the sphere of production and conducting surveys on the territory of Ukraine's capital.