Kyiv celebrates the Day of the Ukrainian National Flag

Today, on July 24, Kyiv celebrates the 29th anniversary of the raising of the Ukrainian flag near the building of the Kyiv city council. According to Kyiv State City Administration, the celebrations will take place in the session hall of the administration.

Ukrainian flag

On July 24, 1990, 29 years ago, 13 months prior to the declaration of the Independence of Ukraine, a blue and yellow flag appeared at Khreshchatyk, 36. The decision to raise the national flag on the flagpole near the mayor's office was decided by the deputies of the Kyiv city council of the XXI convocation: 13 out of 22 members of the presidium voted for that.


To support this important step for the whole country about 200 thousand Kyivans came to Khreshchatyk. The national flag was consecrated in the St. Sophia Cathedral and brought with the honorary procession to the Kyiv city council building. At 19:00, it was raised next to the state flag of the Ukrainian SSR by the deputy head of the city council Oleksandr Mosiyuk. And this event played a significant role in the formation of Ukrainian statehood.