The Ukrainians celebrate the Apple Feast of the Saviour

Today, August 19, Orthodox and Greek Catholics celebrate the Transfiguration of the Lord, one of the 12 major feasts. On this day, Jesus revealed to the apostles a divine power on Mount Tabor, where his face began to shine and his outfit turned white.

Apple Feast in Ukraine

The Ukrainians love this holiday very much. It is also called the Apple Feast of the Saviour. It is the second of the three Feasts of the Saviour. The first is the Honey Feast of the Saviour, which is celebrated on August 14. The Nut Feast of the Saviour is the third feast, which is celebrated on August 29.


In the morning, people go to church and consecrate apples and other fruits of the new harvest. After consecration and blessing, it is allowed to eat the fruit. Some believe that on the day of the Second Savior, you must eat a consecrated apple: bite off the first slice and make a wish that is sure to come true.