"Chernobyl Renaissance. Crafts" festival

The Chernobyl tragedy, which happened on 26 April 1986, cannot be forgotten. Our task is to find the balance between the human and nature. In connection with this, on 25 August "Chernobyl Renaissance. Crafts" festival will be held in Prybirsk village, located in Kyiv region. This year, the theme was chosen to show the interaction between the human and nature through the Polissya crafts. This is reported by Poglyad

Etnofest in Kyiv

The organizer informs that the festival will be focused on people, their creativity and skills, and, of course, the interaction with the environment. During the festival, you will learn about the survival in the woods and take part in various master classes. Apart from this, the program of the event includes musical performances and dancing.