Ukraine's “Homeward” will represent Ukraine at Oscar

The film EVGE ("Homeward") directed by Nariman Aliyev will compete for the Oscar, the most prestigious award in the cinema. This is reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Oscar Committee on its page in Facebook. The film was shown at the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival in the competition program “Special Look”. It claimed the main trophy of BIFF, Bucharest International Film Festival. In Ukraine, the film was shown at the Odesa International Film Festival, and received a Grand Prix. 

Homeward (EVGE)

The film tells the story of the Crimean Tatar Mustafa. His two sons went to Kyiv after the annexation of the Crimea. The story begins with the fact that his eldest son Nazim dies, and his father goes to the capital to bring his younger son Alim home and bury his elder son in the Crimea according to Muslim traditions.