Eco art installation appeared in the center of Kyiv

A big eco art installation called “Dance of Life” and made in the style of Samchykivsky mosaic was opened in the center of Ukraine’s capital, near the Premier Hotel Rus. This is reported by Vechirniy.Kyiv. The area of the mosaic, which was created from 12 thousand plastic covers, is 15 sq. m. The artists Yana Vlasenko-Bernadska and Yulia Abramova have been working on the project for three months.

Eco art installation in Kyiv

“I love Samchykivsky painting and tryto popularize it. It originated from the village of Samchyky, Khmelnytsky region. When I was offered to run a green environmental project, I got interested in it, and we started to collect covers. Hotels, pupils and students of capital’s educational institutions helped in collecting them.” Yana Vlasenko-Bernadska says.


The idea of the image is that an adult and a child left Ukraine and took Samchykivsky painting with them to spread Ukrainian culture.