A large cheese market will be held in the center of Kyiv

At the weekend, on 7-8 September, a big cheese market will be held in the center of Kyiv. The best products of the Ukrainian cheese makers, as well as wine, sauces, meat products and other products will be represented there. This is reported by Nashkiev.

Cheese market in Kyiv

This time, the market will have two floors. On the first floor they will sell cheese, sauces and sweets. And on the second there will be meat products, fish, groceries, wine, beer and spirits. Participants will present cheese for all tastes: soft and hard varieties, blue cheese, cheese with additives (mint and raspberry, with sesame seeds, basil and porcini mushrooms, tomatoes and Italian herbs, etc.), cheese for frying ( halumi and camembert), cheeses aged from 1 week to 1.5 years.


At the market you can visit the Museum of Cheese, which was founded by Maria and Taras Lozhenko. They organized a place where you can not only learn about the history of Ukrainian and world cheese making, but also completely immerse yourself in this art, trying different, sometimes exotic types of cheese.


The food court will also have a lot of cheese. In addition to traditional dishes and drinks, you can try grilled or baked camembert, vareniki and chebureks with four types of cheese, fried halumi, mozzarella fries, cheese cheese hot dog with cheese sauce and parmesan, snails with gorgonzola and much more. Also, we want to remind that on these days the city will celebrate the birthday of St. Andrew's Descent. The festival’s program will include dances, songs and master classes.