St. Andrew's Descent celebrates its Birthday

At the weekend, on 7-8 September, the residents of Kyiv and the guests of the city are invited to the street arts festival to celebrate the birthday of the St. Andrew's Descent. "This weekend, the St. Andrew's Descent will be transformed into a platform of creative freedom, where a festival of street arts will be held, combining circus, theater, music, visual and cinema," the organizers said.

St Andrew's Descent

The festival’s program will include gifts, dances, songs and workshops. According the organizers, nearly 25,000 guests will come to celebrate the birthday of St. Andrew's Descent.


"The birthday of St. Andrew's Descent" in such format will be a landmark event in the life of the capital, aimed at building and strengthening the image of Kyiv as a powerful cultural center, will promote tourist attractiveness and have a positive public response. The event will promote the leading experience of street celebrations in a unified style concept, as well as the promotion of the practice of conducting high-quality and original cultural and educational projects in the format of the open air, which follow the current European trends,” the organizers informed.