Muromets Fest Kyiv Edition

On September 7, Muromets Fest Kyiv Edition will be held in Kyiv. The event will bring together the strongest men of Ukraine will meet on the territory of X-PARK. One of the main goals of the event is to inspire you to good great deeds and to make you believe in your own abilities! Muromets Fest is the celebration of strength, accomplishment and unbreakable Ukrainian spirit.

Muromets Fest

Impressive human accomplishments, awakening the power of the native land, revitalization of internal energy, revival of traditions and fabulous world of Ukrainian epics are key elements of the event which combines history with modern sports culture. The exciting program is really going to blow you away. It includes lots of master classes, records, tasty food, children’s zone and music performances. Serhii Konyushok plans to pull 5 trucks with a total weight of 42,500 kg. Come and enjoy a great show!


Address: Muromets Park, X-PARK Sports and Entertainment Complex.