Kyiv is one of the 50 most visited capitals in the world

Kyiv is ranked 39th in the ranking of the most popular capitals of the world according to the international travel search momondo.ua. In European list, Kyiv takes the 22nd place. This is reported by The Village. The most popular capitals of the world are London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and Berlin. 


At the same time, Ukraine’s capital has become the most accessible capital in Europe at an average cost of living: a night at a Kyiv hotel costs on average about 1,621 UAH. According to the affordability of the highest category hotels, Kyiv was ranked 63. The night at a five-star Kyiv hotel will cost on average about 4,318 UAH. The most expensive cities are Monaco, Nassau, Brazzaville, Bridgetown and Victoria. A night in these cities costs from 11,500 UAH to 27,700 UAH. The cheapest hotels are in the capitals of Laos, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Turkey and Indonesia: the night will cost from 1,035 UAH to 1,510 UAH.


The quoted rates are the average nightly stay in a double room among all hotel categories presented, as well as separately for 5-star hotels.


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