A fairy tale about Chornobyl was presented in Kyiv

A fairy tale called "The Skeleton of Chornobyl" was presented in Kyiv by Antin Mukharsky, Ukrainian writer and musician, together with the Chernobyl Tour company. This is an illustrated fairy tale recommended for both adults and children. In the book, the Chornobyl zone appears not so much as a scene of a terrible accident as the focus of Ukrainian mysticism, a "place of strength" linked to space and past generations. In this way, the author offers a new perspective on the Chornobyl disaster, transforming it from a tragedy into a new vivid historical, cultural and mystical landmark on the map of Ukraine. 

The Skeleton from Chornobyl

According to the story, Michael’s Dad went to war and went missing. But the boy believes that he is alive and above all wants to meet him. Once, an old sorceress gives him magic glasses that bring the boy to the Chornobyl zone, where he meets Skeleton Anton and his mutant friends, the Silver Fly, radioactive crocodile Gena, Siamese boar Lesyk-Stasyk, and cunning Chupacabra, visited by real aliens who conduct experiments on the relocation of souls in the Zone.


The book "Skeleton of Chernobyl" was published in Ukrainian and English, so that not only Ukrainians but also foreign tourists will be able to look at the Chernobyl tragedy from a new, unusual for themselves.