Historical Battle Championship at the Kyivan Rus Park

On September 20-22,  the Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus invites everyone to the sports and historical event - the International historical battle championship «Call of Heroes». More than 300 of the best fighters from Ukraine and other countries will participate in the battle. The participants will wear knight armors and use medieval weapons. The co-organizer of the competition is the Ukrainian Federation of Medieval Combat.

Kyivan Rus Park

Do you want to see real knight battles? Are you interested in the battles and weapons of the Middle Ages? Welcome to the festival! Among the participants there are representatives of the national historical battle teams and winners of international championships. The program will be filled with different activities. The battles will pass in the “sword-sword” and “shield-sword” nominations. Spectacular mass battles will pass in the «5 against 5 warriors» and «21 against 21 warriors» nominations.


Historical battle is not only a spectacular show but also sports. The warriors are armed with swords and shields, battle-axes, spears, falchions which fully reproduce ancient weapon. This sport revives ancient martial arts, their techniques and methods giving the viewers a bright show. During the event, you can also see horse-trick shows, theatrical programs, a craftsmen fair and othere activities.