Sophia of Kyiv presents rare editions from its archives

On September 19, at the National Conservation Area "Sophia of Kyiv", the exhibition "Rarities from the Library of Sophia of Kyiv dating back to XVI-XVIII centuries" was opened. The exhibition is held within the framework of the International Scientific Conference "Sophia Readings", which takes place on September 19-20. This is reported by Radio Svoboda.

St Sophia Cathedral

The exhibits presented at the exhibition are original and are now stored in the Institute of Manuscripts of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, but they come from the archives and the library of the St. Sophia's Monastery. “In 1927 the Sophia Old Books and the Library were transported to the National Library of Ukraine for proper storage and research. Among the rarities that have been exhibited in St. Sophia Cathedral today, I mention the printed "Privilege of Polish King Sigismund to the First Metropolitan of Kyiv, Joseph the Second to confirm the rights of the Orthodox Church: the document was written on July 2, 1511, written in Old Ukrainian," informed the director of the Conservation Area.  Also among the old-fashioned books on display there are church books.