A rock band of robots will perform in Dnipro

On October 19 - 20, the world's first robot rock band will perform at the engineering show in Dnipro. Compressorhead is a Berlin-based band playing heavy metal. The main feature of the group is that all its members are robots. This is reported by Informator


At the Interpipe TechFest Festival, Compressorhead will perform hits from AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Motorhead and other world rock legends. The group includes 6 robots. The main performers are:

  • Stickboy is a four-handed drummer, capable of playing on a drum set containing up to 14 instruments;
  • Fingers is robot guitarist, has 78 "fingers";
  • Bones is a bass player who moves around the stage on a crawler platform.

The concert at Interpipe TechFest is the first performing of Compressorhead in Ukraine. Interpipe TechFest is the largest technical and scientific festival of Eastern Europe and the main engineering show of Ukraine.