Ukrainian film "Zakhar Berkut" collected over 13 million hryvnias for the first weekend

The historical film “Zakhar Berkut”, produced by Kinorob and Cinema Day with the support of Ukrainian State film Agency, was released on October 10. It collected over 13 million hryvnias for the first weekend. The film was made according to the story of the same name by Ivan Franko. It was directed by Akhtem Seitablaev and codirected by John Wynn. A large international cast from Ukraine, the United States, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom and Mongolia took part in the work on the film.

The film is set in the early 13th century in the Carpathians. A huge army of Mongol-Tatars is rushing deep into Europe. The Carpathian residents want to stop the invaders. Zakhar Berkut sends his sons with a serious assignment to break into Burundi's camp at night and release the captives. Khan is furious. He vows to punish Berkut and his others...


Shooting of the film was held in Transcarpathia and in the Kyiv region. The picture was shot in English, as it was intended for international rental under the name "The Rising Hawk". The film's screening rights have already been sold to Spain, France, Italy, South Korea, the US, Japan, India and Moldova.