Documentary about Ukrainian trainer will be shown at the Milan Film Festival

The documentary “Papachenko” about the trainer and father of Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko will be presented on October 28 at the FICTS Milan Film Festival. This is reported by Ukrinform. The director is Serhii Dolbilov who also made documentaries about the Klytschko brothers and Oleksandr Usyk. In the movie about Anatoly Lomachenko, his son Vasyl and Oleksandr Usyk tell us about their trainer.

Ukrainian box

"Papachenko" is the only Ukrainian documentary film that participates this year at the SPORT MOVIES & TV Milano International FICTS Fest. I am sure that our film has all chances to receive high praise of the jury and the sympathy of the audience,” said the co-producer of the film, Kyiv City Council deputy Oles Malyarevich. The screening of the movie "Papachenko" will take place on October 28. The film lasts 69 minutes, the genre is documentary biopic. 


Anatoly Lomachenko is one of the most famous and at the same time mysterious personalities of modern elite professional boxing. Twice in a row, he is the best boxing trainer in the world according to the Boxing Association of America (BWAA). He is the father and constant trainer of the two-time Olympic champion, and now the best in the world boxer Vasyl Lomachenko. Anatoly does not participate in press conferences, does not give interviews and does not like publicity and close attention. However, the crew managed to capture more than one hundred unique exclusive shots from the life of a world-renowned trainer.