Over 100,000 people visited the Chornobyl exclusion zone

The State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone reports that 107,000 people have visited the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone since the beginning of the year. The record was set in October. Factors that have influenced the increase in tourist flow are the simplification of the procedure of permitting, the introduction of electronic pass, the creation of additional infrastructure and increased interest in the Chornobyl NPP after the release of the mini-series HBO "Chernobyl”.

Tour to Chornobyl

According to the agency, most visitors, almost 80%, are from abroad.  “Champion countries: Great Britain - 15738, Poland - 9378, Germany - 7826, USA - 5580, Czech Republic - 4063 tourists. From Ukraine, a total of 22468 people visited the area,” the agency informs.


“The Exclusion Zone is interesting not only for tourists but also for artists. Recently, a number of events that have drawn the attention of the community to the restoration of nature in the zone has take place there. Several new routes have been opened this year,” the agency reports.