Shooting of the cartoon "Munime" will soon finish in Kyiv

Shooting of the cartoon "Munime" ends in Kiev. The production of "Munime" is done by the animation studio Happy Hippie Lab and the company Because Production with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The movie is created using the technique of stop motion animation. This is reported by detector.media.

Munime cartoon

The cartoon tells a story of an adventurous little boy who wakes up in the morning and hurries to wake his parents, but nothing works out for him. At this moment the attention of the little brawler is attracted by the Sunny Bunny, and the boy decides to catch up with it. This is how the Munime Fantasy Journey begins in an apartment with a house-made jungle, a live dinosaur with a toy designer, sumo pans and a fish-washer.


According to director Tina Tanashchuk, the idea for the cartoon came about because of her son who once smashed his apartment while his parents were sleeping. The boy became the prototype of the protagonist Munime. The Happy Hippie Lab team has been working in a variety of stop motion animation techniques for over nine years. The main character's doll was custom-made in the Netherlands, and the skeleton armature for it was made in the UK. 4 minutes shooting of a cartoon takes 60 days for the team to create 24 separate frames for each second of the video (and at least 5760 frames for the entire movie), each of which the animator physically changes the character's body position and eye position, and also changes the position of all objects that surround it. In this technique, each movement is unique and must be reproduced. Some elements, such as dinosaur constructor blocks, are created with using a 3D printer. The authors plan that the cartoon will be ready next year. They also plan to release a children's book and create a collection of toys with cartoon characters.