Kyiv's theater has received four major awards at the festival in China

The team of the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre brings home four prestigious awards. The Ukrainians received statuettes of the International Theater Prize of the Chinese Drama Academy. This is reported by Glavkom, referring to the theater. 

Ivan Franko Theater

Ukrainian production of the Coriolanus tragedy has won four prestigious theater awards in the following nominations:


"The Best Performance" - the main director Dmytro Bogomazov;

"Best Lead Actor" - actor Dmytro Rybalevsky;

“Best Supporting Role” - actor Oleksii Bohdanovych;

"Best Debut" - actor Oleksandr Rudynsky.


"Coriolanus" is the story of the rise and fall of the legendary Roman commander, the plot of which Shakespeare borrowed from the Comparative Biographies of the ancient Greek historian Plutarch. The play has both a sharp political drama, a drama of family relations, and a one-man internal tragedy. Its character, Kai Martius, became famous for his exploits in the war against the enemies of the Romans, the Vols. After conquering the capital of the Coriolian Vols, he was nicknamed Coriolanus for his fighting endeavors. Returning with victory home, a valiant warrior goes to "big" politics - to the consuls.


The VIII International Academy Award (Act Avard), held by the Central Academy of Drama of China, was held from October 31 to November 8, 2019 in Qingdao, China. Founded by the Central Academy of Drama of China in 2011, the International Theater Academy Award (Act Avard) aims to further promote the long-term development of the theater arts and to encourage individual creative personalities and groups that have made outstanding contributions to the theater industry through the method of the theater industry. and the promotion of national culture.


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