Anna of Kyiv will appear in Krakow

On November 19, the monument to Anna of Kyiv (Anna Kyivska) will be opened in Polish Krakow. This is reported by Vechirniy.Kyiv, referring to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The sculpture of the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise and the future Queen of France will be installed in the courtyard of the Wielkopolski Palace, a representative office of the Krakow authorities.

Anna of Kyiv

"The erection of the monument in the courtyard of the Krakow magistrate will be the final event of a series of projects the main purpose of which was the development of the Krakow-Kyiv partnership and good neighborly relations," the message informs.


The sculpture, created by artist Kostyantyn Skrutytsky, was donated to the community of Krakow by the Four Queen Public Organization and the Kyiv City State Administration during last year's "Days of Kyiv in Krakow".