"Winter has come" show in Ancient Kyiv

The Principality of Kyivan Rus invites children and adults to get acquainted with the ancient Slavic amusements in the Principality of "Kyivan Rus". On the first winter weekend an entertaining "Winter has come" show will be held here.

Kyivan Rus Park

The habitants of Ancient Kyiv will invite the guests to walk the streets of the medieval city, observe the architectural masterpieces of the Х-XIII century – the defensive fortifications, the wooden defensive wall- “zaborola”, Michael's Gate of the Kyivan Detinetz, the watchtowers, the citizen`s mansions and the princely chambers.


Every guest will have a possibility to turn into the habitant of Ancient Kyiv by putting on the warrior`s armor or the princely suit, by having tested his accuracy in the medieval shooting range and having mounted purebred horses. The program also includes theatrical performances and awesome horseback tricks.