Teleport to Lapland will be opened on Sophia's Square

This winter, the residents of Kyiv and the guests of the city will be able to enjoy an interactive journey into the world of Santa Lapland 360. It will be a new look at the traditional holiday. The project will open on December 14 and will receive guests throughout all winter holidays until January 12. This is reported by BigKiev.

Lapland 360

The organizers have prepared a completely new spectacular New Year show trip with the effect of complete immersion, which will be held near the main Christmas tree of the country on Sophia's Square. Lapland 360 project will combine a dynamic fascinating plot, fairy-tale characters and a New Year's mood with modern technologies: holographic projections, animation, sound and light effects. The entertainment and dynamism of the show, as well as the humor that complements the plot of Lapland 360, will be appreciated by both adults and children.


The presentation will take place in a special modern space of 150 square meters. Here guests will find themselves in the world of Santa of the 21st century and see how this hero of the New Year holidays, adored by all, has changed. And the conductor here will be the elf Einar, who will show the way to the epicenter of all the wonders on the planet - to the heart of Lapland. During the interactive tour, guests will meet Santa’s clumsy helper - the magical roar of Robert, who can cheer everyone with his tricks. Virtual fairy-tale characters will show how the elves prepare for the holiday on New Year's Eve, and introduce visitors to Santa Claus. He will tell his guests how to make wishes so that in 2020 they will surely be fulfilled.