Ukrainian Shchedryk sounded on Canada's tallest tower

In Canada, on the highest television tower CN Tower, the Akord Quartet from Ternopil performed the world-famous Ukrainian Bell Carol Shchedryk. This is reported by Shotam with the reference to the corresponding video posted on Facebook by Voice of America.


Shchedryk is one of the most popular works by Mykola Leontovich, known not only in Ukraine but also all over the world under the name "Christmas carol, Carol of the Bells". The first edition was written before 1901-1902, and the fifth was published in 1919. For the first time "Shchedryk" was performed by the choir of Kyiv University in 1916, when the composer worked in Kyiv, where he directed choirs and taught at the Mykola Lysenko School of Music and Drama. On October 5, 1921, Shchedryk was performed for the first time at a Carnegie Hall concert in New York. Even now, American professional and non-professional choirs are singing this song as a Christmas carol.