A unique picture will be shown in Kyiv

On Saturday, January 4, a picture of Mykhaylo Panin "Mysterious Departure of Ivan the Terrible before Oprichnina" that was stolen during the war will be shown in the Kyiv Art Arsenal. The painting "The Secret Departure of Ivan the Terrible before Oprichnina" disappeared from the Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum during the occupation of the city in 1941.

Painting by Mykhaylo Panin

Since 1962, it has been stored in a private home in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The owner, whose name remains unknown, emigrated to the United States from Switzerland in 1946. In 1986, the man died, and the following year the house was sold. The new owners, Gabriela and David Tracy, together with the real estate, received the property and the painting of Mykhaylo Panin. The canvas was owned by the Tracy couple for over 30 years until Gabriel and David decided to auction it in 2017. The Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum provided the American side with all the necessary evidence that the work belonged to the museum. Soon, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation withdrew the painting, and the owners of the work relinquished the rights to it. Commenting on the situation, Gabriela and David Tracy noted that they are happy to think that the picture is returning to where it should be, namely, to Ukraine.