Kyiv is included in TOP 100 smart cities

The Ukrainian capital is one of the 100 smartest cities in the world. The study took into account the level of health and safety, urban mobility and civic engagement. In the rating, Kyiv took the 92d place. The research was conducted by the Smart City Observatory of the IMD World Competitiveness Center and the Singapore University of Technology and Design.


The top five are Singapore, Zurich, Oslo, Geneva and Copenhagen. Auckland came in sixth place, followed by Taipei, Helsinki, Bilbao and Düsseldorf. Next to Kyiv are Brazil's Sao Paulo, Colombia's Medellin, South Africa's Cape Town and Philippine Manila.


"Being a globally-recognized ‘smart’ city is now critical for attracting investment and talent, creating a potential ‘virtuous cycle’ in favour of an advanced group of cities such as Singapore, Zurich and Oslo," informs IMD.