National Geographic tells about Ukrainian flower crowns

The famous magazine National Geographic published an article on the work of Ukrainian designer, artist and photographer Dominica Dyka. The article published on the website of the publication tells about impressive floral wreaths rule in Ukraine.

Ukrainian wreaths
Picture: National Geographic | by Dominika Dyka

The article shows the spectacular works of the Ukrainian designer, in which she uses flowers, feathers, hemp threads, shells, beads, foil, and wax. It should be mentioned that creating wreaths is known from ancient Slavic traditions, but in Ukraine it is a part of cultural heritage along with embroidery. In particular, a wreath, or 'vinok' in Ukrainian, is a classic decoration at the national holiday of Ivan Kupala, which is celebrated in early July. "In addition to fire jumping, festivities include women creating wreaths from fresh flowers and plants. Each woman places her wreath in a river to divine her romantic future by its fate in the water’s flow (or by which man jumps in to save it)."