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Lviv Cheese & Wine Festival
News · 15. October 2019
On October 18-20, Lviv will host the main gastronomic autumn fest, Cheese & Wine Festival, which will takeplace on the territory of the Potocki Palace and the courtyard of the Palace of Arts. Cheese and Wine Festival is a good opportunity to learn more about the culture of cheese making and winemaking traditions, to taste a variety of cheeses and wines.

Coatia Days in Lviv
News · 17. September 2019
On September 20-22, Days of Croatian Culture festival will be held in Lviv. The Gunpowder Tower, Rynok Square and Svirsky Castle will host the event. During the festival, citizens of Lviv and guests of the city will learn much about Croatian culture, history, music and arts. This is reported by

Wine and grape festival in Lviv
News · 06. September 2019
What to see and do in Lviv? If you love wine, don't miss the opportunity to visit the wine and grape festival. Today, Halytska Loza festival has started at Lviv Art Palace. The event is going to last for three days from 6 September to 8 September. This is reported by Lviv Regional State Administration.

Lviv Coffee Festival
News · 05. September 2019
On September 12-15, the Coffee to Lviv Festival will take place in Lviv. Every year lots of Coffee lovers, industry professionals, meticulous roasters, discerning baristas, graceful latte artists and connoisseurs of flavor meet in the city to talk, compete and enjoy this wonderful drink. The event is pursuing the popularization of coffee culture at coffee houses, home, among professionals and coffee lovers.

Tattoo festival in Lviv
News · 25. August 2019
On 7-8 September, the Lviv Tattoo Festival will be held at the Lviv Palace of Arts. During the event lots of people will get the opportunity to showcase their talents in the tattoo industry. This is reported by The purpose of the event is to popularize tattoo industry, show its different styles and approaches. The festival will also include the competition for the best works.

Etnovyr Festival in Lviv
News · 22. August 2019
On 22-25 August, the International Folklore Festival “Etnovyr” will take place in Lviv. The organizers invite you to plunge into the maelstrom of folklore and enjoy the performance of folklore groups from different parts of the world present the culture of their countries in Lviv. Festival «Etnovyr» is the main event of the celebrations of Ukraine Independence Day in Lviv.

ZaxidFest 2019
News · 13. August 2019
Do you love music festivals? Are you ready to travel to visit them? On 16-18 August, ZaxidFest will take place in Rodatychi, located not far from Lviv”. ZaxidFest is one of the best Ukrainian music festivals, where you can enjoy great music, amazing nature, unique atmosphere and tasty food.

Sunday BazaR in Lviv
News · 11. August 2019
What to see and do in Lviv? If you love unique and vintage stuff, visit Sunday BazarR, which will take place in Lviv on 11 August. This is a Sunday market for vintage and second-hand items.

Ukrainian Song Project
News · 29. July 2019
Where to listen to Ukrainian music? On August 17, 2019, "Ukrainian Song Project" National TV show will be held for the fourth time in Lviv. The winners of the all-Ukrainian selection and stars of the Ukrainian stage will take part in the concert.

Cheese and Wine Feast in Lviv
News · 27. July 2019
Traveling to Lviv with your family? On October 18-20, 2019, a Feast of Cheese and Wine will take place on the square in front of the Pototsky Palace, according to To be sure, all family members will definitely love it. You can wonder what combines Lviv citizens with cheese and wine. However, today few people know that four centuries ago the climate in Lviv was so warm that vineyards on the southern slopes of the High Castle, Lychakiv, and then on the hills of the Kaiserwald up to...

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