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Classical music in Kyiv
News · 14. August 2019
On 24 August, the charity concert of classical music "Classic picnic. Ukrainian Poem" will take place in the center of Kyiv. The works and arrangements of Ukrainian composers will be performed. The program includes works of Yevgeny Stankovich, Yulia Matus, Yuriy Shevchenko and many others.

Vyshyvanka Run 2019
News · 05. August 2019
Do you want to see how Ukrainians celebrate the Ukraine's Independence Day? On August 24, a patriotic family sports holiday “Vyshyvanka Run” will take place. Professional athletes, amateur runners, preschool and school age children dressed in vyshyvanka, the traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt, will overcome chosen distances (from 100 m for the youngest runners, until 10 km for experienced athletes).