Kyiv, Jewish Sights & History


  • Babi Yar (Babyn Yar)
  • Great Choral Synagogue of Kyiv (option)
  • Bessarabsky indoor market
  • Sholem Aleichem Monument
  • Birthplace of Golda Meir
  • Brodsky Choral Synagogue 


The Jewish community has made a significant impact on many spheres of city life of Kyiv.  Its history is an integral part of the history of the capital city. On a 3-hour guided tour we will discover the most significant facts about the history of the Jewish community in Kyiv.


Many prominent Jewish personalities had something in common with the Ukrainian city. Golda Meir, an Israeli politician and one of the founders of the State of Israel, and Efraim Katsir, the fourth president of Israel, were born in Kyiv. Sholom Aleykhem, a leading Yiddish author and playwright, wrote his masterpieces here. 


Our tour will cover all the main sights, related to the Jewish heritage in Kyiv. We’ll also visit the most tragic place for the Jewish community in Kiev – Babi Yar, where over 150 000 Jews were killed during World War II. Completed in 1982, this 27-acre memorial park was designed by Lawrence Halprin and Satoru Nishita to commemorate the victims of the terrible massacre.


The first mention of Jews in Kyiv was found in the 10th century. In the 19th century the Jewish community flourished and became one of the biggest communities in Ukraine. In that period many synagogues were built including the city's main synagogue, the Brodsky Synagogue which you will be able to visit in the Jewish quarter.


Today Kyiv has the biggest Jewish community in Ukraine, and two major synagogues, the Brodsky Choral Synagogue and the Great Choral Synagogue, that serve the Jewish people. The Great Choral Synagogue of Kyiv, also known as the Podil Synagogue or the Rozenberg Synagogue, is the oldest synagogue in Kyiv, built in 1895. It is situated in Podil, a historic neighborhood of Kyiv. A while later, we’ll reach our final destination, the construction of which was supported by the Jewish donators. The tour will help you get a complete picture of the history of the Jewish community in Kyiv.


Duration: 3 hours



  • Pick up from the hotel
  • Private guided tour 
  • Drop off at the hotel

Not included: 

  • Optional entrance fees
  • Food and beverages

Price for tour: 50 EUR. Prices are for private groups of up to max 3 persons. 


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