Lviv Castle Tour “Golden Horseshoe”

During a day-trip tour with a private tour guide you will visit three age-old gorgeous castles in Olesko, Pidhirtsi and Zolochiv. You will be able to step back in time, see powerful defensive buildings and also admire the landscapes of Ukrainian countryside. Castles in Olesko, Pidhirtsi and Zolochiv, located along our route, are well preserved and each has its own specific style.


We will start our tour from Olesko Castle. It is a beautiful architectural and historic monument, built in the 13 century. Located about seventy-five kilometers from Lviv, it stands on top of a hill and impresses us with its rich history. At different times, the castle owned by Poland, Lithuania, and Hungary.  In the 15th century Olesko Castle was turned from a fortress into a palace for aristocracy. The famous Polish king Jan III Sobieski, a hero of the Battle of Vienne, was born in Olesko Castle and often lived there. Afterwards, the castle belonged to the family of Rzewuski. In 1838 it was damaged by a massive earthquake. In 1956, the castle was struck by lightning. Today, it is a museum . The collections of antique furnishings and art dating from the 16th-17th centuries can be seen there. 


Then we will go to Pidhirtsi Castle, constructed by Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan between 1635–1640 by order of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's Grand Crown Hetman Stanisław Koniecpolski, on the place of the older fortress. It was an amazing combination of the graceful palace with nice terraces, and impressive fortifications. Pidhirtsi Castle used to be considered as one of the best castles in Europe.  Above the entrance gate of the castle, a marble plaque to this day bears a Latin inscription: "A crown of military labours is victory, victory is a triumph, triumph is rest." After World War II, the Soviets opened a hospital there. In February 1956 it was almost completely destroyed by fire. However, in 1997 the castle, purchased by the Lviv Gallery of Painting, was turned into a museum. 


Our final destination is Zolochiv Castle, built as a citadel in 1634. It was used as a as well as an inexpugnable fortification.  Zolochiv Castle encompasses two stunning buildings: the Grand Palace and the Chinese Palace. In the 17th- 18th centuries, it belonged to the rich Polish families of Sobieski and Radziwill. Later the castle was used as a hospital, and afterwards, turned into a prison. The territory of the castle is really marvelous. There is an old magic stone in the castle courtyard, that has engraved inscriptions in unknown language, and a hole in the middle, which according to the legend, brings well-being and luck if you put your finger there and turn.



  • Pick up from the hotel
  • A guided tour
  • Drop off at the hotel

Not included: 

  • Food and beverages

Price for a day-trip tour: upon request. 


Looking for a local guide in Lviv? Itinerary can be customized to special interests.  You will be definitely impressed and get wrapped up in a lot of positive emotions! To book this tour, please CONTACT UA Destination team.