Oleg Antonov State Aviation Museum among the world's best

While many people consider museums interesting and fascinating, some find them boring or even outdated.


However, there are many reasons why we should visit museums. First, they are very educational, providing an effective way of learning and expanding our horizons. Besides, museums help us understand our past, preserving objects for the future generation and bringing history to life. Museums can also inspire us and make more creative! When travelling, we can learn much about our destination owing to museums. In the end, visiting a museum is a perfect way to spend time with friends and family.


Oleg Antonov State Aviation Museum, located in Kyiv, Ukraine, is one of the biggest aviation museums in the world. According to CNN, this is also one of the best aviation museums in the world. 

The museum was established in 2003. Started with only 30 machines, today it owns the exposition of more than 80 aircraft and helicopters. The museum is operated by Ukraine's National Aviation University. The majority of the aircraft are ones built by the Soviet Union and exhibits include supersonic bomber planes, transport planes and nuclear missile carriers.


Would you like to visit it? There’s so much to see, you’ll want to stay here all day! 

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