Harley-Davidson Museum in Kyiv

If you’re still wondering what to see and do in Kyiv, visit a museum. You don’t like museums? That’s not a problem. Even if you aren’t a museum lover, you will definitely appreciate this one. Harley-Davidson Museum is the largest private motorcycle collection of Harley-Davidson models in Europe. The museum was opened in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital on 11 May 2019. The model series is represented by specimens dating back to 1912. 

1912 Harley-Davidson X8A SINGLE
1912 Harley-Davidson X8A SINGLE. Photo: hd-museum.kyiv.ua

The collection has over 20 models of motorcycles: rallying, military and civilian. Each of them is special and carries a whole story. Some exhibits are really unique.


The exposition contains the legendary Harley-Davidson WLA of 1942, the most popular army motorcycle, which was supplied to the Red Lend-Lease Army. The Harley-Davidson Company received two awards from the Army and Navy, one in 1943 and another in 1945, awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of production. Deliveries to the Soviet Union within the limits of the program of the Lend-Lease included not less than 30 000 motorcycles. The WLA produced during the four years of war, as a rule, has serial numbers of 1942. Production of WLA was over at the end of the Second World War, but that restarted again from 1950 to 1952 for the Korean War needs.

Harley-Davidson WLA 45
Harley-Davidson WLA 45. Photo: hd-museum.kyiv.ua

Harley-Davidson Sportster is a line of motorcycles that has been continuously released since 1957. LCH900 off-road version of the XLH or XLC model with the high compression engine. The code "CH" denotes "competition / high degree of compression".


Perhaps, all Harley-Davidson motorcycles are associated with huge and loud choppers. However, in the history of the American company there were other models. In particular, the HD once even released a scooter. The Harley-Davidson Topper scooters were issued from 1960 to 1965, but they weren’t very popular and looked like ordinary 1960s scooters with fiberglass panels. Topper H has the smallest engine in the history of Harley at that time. It is a one-cylinder, two-stroke with a capacity of 165 cc. They developed it for 9 hp and it was used with the variator, and the maximum speed was 74 km / h.


The Harley-Davidson Touring FLHT Electra Glide Standard Motorcycle, a descendant of legendary choppers, was first released in 1965. The name "Electra Glide" was received due to the addition of an electric motor (electric starter) to a motorcycle. Over time, the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide has become a mainstream Touring model for the American motorcycle maker.


However, the museum’s highlight is the 1912 Harley-Davidson X8A SINGLE. This motorcycle was far more advanced than the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle, built in 1903. But it was not much better than a bike with three-horsepower one-cylinder installed inside the frame tubes.


Harley-Davidson Museum is the first private technical museum to be opened in Kyiv for many years, and certainly deserves your attention. If you are in Kyiv, be sure to plan a visit to the museum, especially if you are a motorcycle lover.


The museum is located at the address: Kyiv, st. Serpneva 21/1.


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