Monument of a backpack in Lviv

Lviv is a unique city. Only there, you can find such a strange monument as a backpack. This the only monument to a tourist bag in the whole world. A large iron forged backpack appeared on May 14, 2012 on Doroshenka Street, 41, in the courtyard of the Geographical Faculty building of Lviv National University. At first the faculty courtyard itself was renewed, and only then the young geographer graduate Igor Dykyi gave the idea of erecting a monument there, which would symbolize Lviv as a tourist city, showing that open people live and cheerful travelers live there, with a broad outlook and democratic views on the world order. This idea was supported by the master of artistic forging from the village of Kholodna Voda located in the Lviv region. Since then, the backpack has become a very popular tourist attraction in Lviv.

A backpack monument in Lviv

The monument to the backpack stands on a half-meter stone foundation. The backpack itself is one meter high, and it looks like a real bag of a real traveler. Besides, the bag is completed with the traveler’s essential things that are attached to its sides: a rug, a tent, a flask of water and even variable sneakers. From now on, every traveler or tourist has the opportunity not only to see this unusual monument, but also to have a photo taken for memory.


An iron tourist backpack can be worn on your own shoulders! But unfortunately, you can’t make a lot of steps with it, because the travel bag weighs 300 kg. The installers of the monument did not specifically attach a backpack to its base, so that everyone could check his muscular powerful.


Next to the monument you can find a table, which contains the whole history of the evolution of a tourist backpack, its various images, and stories about how and by whom it was used.


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