Boryspil International Airport: How to get to Kyiv from the airport

There are two international airports that serve Kyiv.  Boryspil International Airport is the largest and the busiest airport in Ukraine. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport Zhuliany is one of the oldest airports in Ukraine.


Boryspil International Airport provides over 67% of the passenger air traffic of Ukraine, handling over 10 million passengers per year. Boryspil is well-located at the intersection of numerous air-routes, connecting Asia with Europe and America. About 25 national and foreign airlines perform passenger and cargo transportation on 75 scheduled routes from Boryspil worldwide.

Kiev Borispol Airport
Photo: Kyiv Boryspil Airport

The airport has two runways. The technical capacity of Boryspil airfield remains unique for Ukraine, CIS countries and the Eastern Europe. The runway 4, 000 m long and 60 m wide allows accommodation of all aircraft types 24/7 including under poor visibility conditions. Furthermore, Boryspil is the only airport of Ukraine, from which scheduled transcontinental flights are operated.


The first flight was handled on 7 July 1959. During the first year of its operation, which was initially carried out afield (six tents), and later on in temporary facilities, Boryspil Airport managed to rank 3-rd in terms of passenger traffic among the airports of Ukraine (yielding to Simferopol and Zhulyany Airports only). Since 1960 Boryspil has started handling international flights.


The Air Terminal design was already developed in 1961 by KyivProject Institute. In 1965 the facility was inaugurated and commenced. The capacity by then standards amounted to 1, 400 passengers for domestic and 200 for international flights. The Air Terminal was the second largest, yielding to Moscow Domodedovo only, as well as one of the largest in Europe.


In 1995 Terminal C for VIP passengers handling was opened. On 21 September 2010 a new Terminal F was put into operation, with the capacity 900 passengers for departure and 900 for arrival per hour. The enterprise development does not end here. On 28 May 2012 the largest in Ukraine passenger Terminal D with the capacity 3, 000 passengers for departure and 3, 000 for arrival was opened.

Terminals D and F

Two terminals D and F are operating at Boryspil International Airport. A free shuttle bus will run every 30 minutes between terminals. Terminal F passengers, arriving to the airport on Kyiv Boryspil Express, will conveniently board the shuttle bus on a stop near Terminal D.



  • When buying a ticket, please ensure the terminal of departure.
  • Terminals D and F are located at a distance from each other. The transfer between them takes time, a free shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes.
  • If you have arrived (or depart) by Kyiv Boryspil Express, the best way to get to/from Terminal F is by taking a free shuttle bus. Shuttle Bus departs from Terminal D (first level).

Checck out Shuttle Bus timetable.

How to get to Kyiv from Boryspil International Airport

Kyiv Boryspil airport (KBP) is situated 20 km south-east of Kyiv and 30 km away from Ukraine capital’s downtown.


Taxi or private transfer is a comfortable way to get to the city, but rather expensive.


Sky Bus is a special bus from the Southern Railway Station to the Boryspil International Airport. You can buy a ticket  upon arrival or book a seat on the bus in advance on the SkyBus website, by filling out a special form. A one-way ticket costs about 3 USD. Sky Bus buses are regularly departing from the passenger terminals B, D and F of Borispol airport. Buses run between the airport and the South Terminal of Kyiv Central Railway Station. In order to get to the city center from the railway station, you should take the metro located there. The intervals between routs are about 15 minutes during the day and 30 – 45 minutes at night. 

Kyiv Central Railway station
Map of Sky Bus stops at the South Terminal of the Central Railway station

Kyiv Boryspil Express is a railway line between the Kyiv-Passenger Railway Station and the Boryspil International Airport. Due to this high-speed rail link, a 40-minute trip to/from the airport will be comfortable and cheap. The railway line goes from the Central Train Station to the Boryspil airport’s Terminal D via the Vydubychi and Darnytsia train stations. In order to get to the city center from the railway station, you should take the metro located there. A one-way ticket costs around 3 USD. Cash desks and special terminals for sale of Kyiv Boryspil Express Train tickets are placed at the Central Railway Station in Kyiv and at Boryspil International Airport. 

Map of Kyiv Boryspil International Airport
Map of Kyiv Boryspil International Airport

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