Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport Zhuliany: How to get to Kyiv from the airport

There are two international airports that serve Kyiv.  Boryspil International Airport is the largest and the busiest airport in Ukraine. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport Zhuliany is one of the oldest airports in Ukraine.

Kiev Zhuliany Airport
Photo: iev.aero

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport (formerly Zhuliany airport) is Ukraine’s second biggest in terms of passenger traffic and number of flights. In March 2018 Kiev Zhuliany Airport got a new name - Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport - in honor of the aircraft designer and creator of the world's first serial helicopter Sikorsky R-4 Hoverfly, who was born in Kyiv.


The airport has three terminals – A, B and D. Terminal A is the largest and most important one. In 2018, the shareholders of the airport decided to expand the Terminal A space and double its capacity, improve service and comfort at the airport. The area of Terminal A has increased by 9,500 square meters and makes up 23,700 square meters now. 


On the ground floor of the new space, there will be 18 check-in counters and 9 aviation security surveillance points. On the second - 18 border control counters. A large Duty Free store, a WOG cafe, a Spanish restaurant Bellota, a Varenik Fly restaurant with Ukrainian dishes, a fast food Market Plaza, and several souvenir shops will open there. 


In addition, at the station square in front of the new space of Terminal A, a new parking for 135 parking lots was built. As a result, this will increase the airport parking by almost 40%.


Check out Terminal A map.


Terminal B is a business aviation terminal serving private and business flights. It offers VIP services for private and business class passengers with an exclusive meeting room, lounges, conference room, restaurant, waiting area, and duty-free store. A section of the terminal is dedicated for a kitchen, shower, sitting area and briefing room.


First opened in 2013, Terminal D was built to serve the increasing number of passengers and new airlines. But a year later, flights from the terminal ceased, because the passenger flow reduced. Terminal D was reopened in March 2017, and serves domestic flights. The new terminal features 12 check-in counters and other passenger facilities.


Igor Sikorsky Kyiv airport has a single runway, designated 08/26. Paved with concrete surface, the runway is 7,579ft-long and 147ft-wide. It can accommodate a short to medium-range, narrow-body aircraft such as Boeing-737 and Airbus A-320.

How to get to Kyiv from Zhuliany Airport

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport is located only 8 km from Kyiv downtown. The airport address is 2 Medova str. 


Taxi or private transfer


Public transport

The public transport stop is located 200 meters from entry to Terminal A, D and 50 meters from entry to Terminal B. The final stop of trolleybus number 22 is located in front of the terminal B. Trolleybus number 22 runs every 15 minutes from the airport to metro station Syrets, but you can also get off the trolleybus a bit earlier at metro stations Shuliavska and Dorohozhychi. Trolleybus number 9 runs from the airport to Palats Sportu metro station. In order to get to the South Terminal of Kyiv Central Railway station from Zhuliany airport, you can use the public buses, which are called “Marshrutka”, number 805 and number 368. Public transport runs from 06:30 till 22:30.


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