The best fast food and street food in Kyiv: Kyivska Perepichka

While traveling, you always have the chance to experience new destinations and cultures through their cuisine. The cuisine of each country offers its own culinary distinctive characteristics and is often represented by one or more special dishes. In Ukraine you should definitely try borscht and varenyky. 

Kyivska Perepichka

But what about the most accessible dishes such as fast food or street food? “Kyivska Perepіchka” is cheap and fast, and many people find it really tasty. Shawarma can be found alongside falafel in most kiosks across the city as well. However, “Kyivska Perepіchka” is probably the most famous Kyiv street food. This is a small kiosk that offers the famous Ukrainian hot dog, which always gathers a huge queue of people stretching down the street. In fact, it is a usual sausage in yeast-deep-fried dough. Kyivans and guests of different ages love it for the constant recipe, which hasn’t changed for almost 40 years.


“Kyivska Perepichka” appeared in 1981, when a kiosk was opened in the center of Kyiv in Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street, near Teatralna metro station. Thus, “Kyivska Perepichka” has become the first Kyiv fast food and a cult street food place in Ukraine’s capital. For these years, the price has changed from 22 copies to 17 hryvnias.


In Lonely Planet guide “Kyivska Perepichka” is mentioned as an essential Kyiv experience. In addition, "Kyivska Perepichka" is included in the list of must-visit places in Kyiv and even takes TripAdvisor 42d place, being ahead of many capital cafes and restaurants.

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