Kyiv Jazz & Whisky Festival

What to see and do in Kyiv? On September 7th and 8th, Svitlo Concert arranges a real holiday for the fans of good music and drinks in the "Wish Garden" at VDNG. They decided to combine some drinks and musical genres - Whiskey and Jazz!


You will have an opportunity to taste the best whiskey and enjoy unusual whiskey-based cocktails from the best Ukrainian bars and whiskey brands. you will try dishes based on whiskey from the best Kyiv restaurants.

Jazz in Kiev

You can listen to a lecture on whiskey, choose a good whiskey bottle for yourself and just enjoy jazz music with the drink.


From lunch until midnight on the stage jazz bands from France, Germany, Armenia, the USA and Ukraine will play for you. Bigband, Brassband, traditional and modern jazz, funk and even blues, and closer to midnight DJs will offer recordings with soul music.


Garden, jazz and whiskey are the best things that can happen in a warm autumn evening.


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