A new exhibition in Kyiv's gallery

Artist Ilya Chychkan with his daughter Sasha presented the continuation of the previous project "Psychodarwinism" - "Psychodrawinism: Unconscious Values" (painting, applique, collage), according to Vechirniy.Kyiv. The exhibition takes place in the Karas Gallery. So, having a stroll through Andriyivskyy Descent, take a chance to see amazing works.

Art exhibition in Kyiv
Photo: vechirniy.kyiv.ua

The preface to the exhibition was the text of the artists, published on Facebook. "Garbage has not been thrown out for a long time, it is bought." Few of us can bear the burden of luxury. Of course, somebody else's," suggested Mark Twain. The confrontation between those who happily spends money on rubbish, and those who can not afford it is the main conflict that divided the social world."


Date: until July 23, 2019.

Address: Karas Gallery, St. Andrew's Descent, 22A.

Free entrance.