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Art exhibition in Kiev
Ukrainian News · 22. October 2019
Within the framework of the All-Ukrainian cultural and artistic project "Art of one village", an exhibition of folk art of the Rogizka village of Vinnytsia region has opened in Kyiv. This is reported by Vechirniy.Kyiv. The history of this picturesque village begins in the 17th century. According to legend, a small settlement was founded by the Cossacks after the destruction of Zaporizhian Sich in 1775.

Batik exhibition in Kyiv
Ukrainian News · 18. October 2019
On October 17, the Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art Museum opened an exhibition of Ukrainian batik. For the first time the works of famous Ukrainian artists of the 1950s - 2016 will be shown to the general public. The works are made in the technique of hot, cold batik and free painting. This is reported by BigKiev.

Art exhibition in Kyiv
Ukrainian News · 17. October 2019
On October 18, the Bereznytsky Art Foundation opens a pre-auction exhibition of Ukrainian art from the Soviet period to the present day. The name of the exhibition is "From Red to Blue and Yellow." It will last until November 6, and it will end with a charity auction of the Kupava auction house. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the paintings will go to the Bereznitsky Art Foundation to organize a creative residence for curators and young artists from around the world. This is reported by...

Art exhibition
Ukrainian News · 22. September 2019
An exhibition of painting and sculptures "The Texture of Emotions" opens at the Kyiv History Museum. The authors are Ruslan Romanishin (sculpture, graphic) and Leonid Bagrii (painting). Ruslan and Leonid's tandem is a collaboration of two like-minded individuals and opponents at the same time, which pushes them to creative search. The thoughts of the artists, being crossed, are embodied in joint projects. This is reported by BigKiev.

Khanenko Museum
Ukrainian News · 19. September 2019
An exhibition of Chinese classical painting "Triumphs and Holidays" has recently opened at the Khanenko Museum, where exhibits from the museum's collections, usually inaccessible to visitors, are presented. According to the museum staff, the exhibition includes scrolls, collections of Nianhua Chinese folk engraving, and works of decorative and applied art. This is reported by BigKiev.

Art project
Ukrainian News · 18. September 2019
Today, September 18, the art project "You can - You can not" opens at the Museum of Kyiv History. Nine artists from Ukraine take part in the project. These are talented authors who, while working with space, exposure and viewer, update the topics of global issues of the present. This is reported by the museum.

Exhibition of Slava Saluk "Geography"
Ukrainian News · 15. September 2019
On the ground floor of Kyiv History Musem there is an exhibition of Slava Saluk "Geography", which will be appreciated by connoisseurs and admirers of ethnic jewelry. In the works of this project, Glory deviates somewhat from the usual, mostly Hutsul motifs, and transfers the emphasis from local forms to global content. This exhibition is the result of capturing the unexpected but undeniable similarity of ethnic details, regardless of their origin, geography, religion, cultural or...

Patchwork exhibition
Ukrainian News · 10. September 2019
On 3-21 September, an exhibition of Renata Genina's works “Patchwork is a spacious road to life” is held at the Center of Ukrainian Culture and Arts. More than 100 works, created in the technique of patchwork, as well as embroidered works of art are presented. The author is convinced that patchwork inspires her to move on and live interestingly, despite different circumstances.

Glass Museum in Lviv
Ukrainian News · 09. September 2019
From September 4 to October 5, you have an opportunity to visit the exhibition "World Art Glass in Ukraine: 1989-2016", hosted by the National Folk Decorative Art Museum. The unique collection of collected compositions based on the results of the International Hollow Glass Symposiums in Lviv during 1989-2016 has more than 350 units and is stored in the funds of the Andriy Sheptytsky National Museum and Glass Museum in Lviv.

Art exhibition in Kyiv
Ukrainian News · 27. August 2019
Today, August 27, Emoveo art project starts in Kyiv. The exhibition includes works of such modern artists as Tetyana Rusetska, Tetyana Kolesnyk, Polina Kuznetsova and Evgenia Prymachenko. This is reported by Informator. The name of the exhibition reflects its theme as well, as in Latin “Emoveo” means “move”. So in the paintings and sculptures, this theme was reflected.

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