Kyiv History Museum invites you to visit a new exhibition of painting and sculptures

An exhibition of painting and sculptures "The Texture of Emotions" opens at the Kyiv History Museum. The authors are Ruslan Romanishin (sculpture, graphic) and Leonid Bagrii (painting). Ruslan and Leonid's tandem is a collaboration of two like-minded individuals and opponents at the same time, which pushes them to creative search. The thoughts of the artists, being crossed, are embodied in joint projects. This is reported by BigKiev.

Art exhibition

With the help of a pencil, ink, coal, the painter creates graphic works that are later transformed into three-dimensional monumental sculptures. Their key features are simplicity and clarity, minimalism and "transparency". Such a creative decision is not only a manifestation of the individual style of the author, but also his creative philosophy: thoughts and dreams, according to the painter, do not have clear lines, and excess volume can become an extra burden on the sculpture. The artist invites the viewer to a joint esoteric search for the truth and meaning of being, giving him the opportunity of individual interpretation. The sculptor appeals to abstraction. The color of his canvases gives freedom for a wide range of interpretations.