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Kiev art exhibition
News · 23. November 2019
Kyiv History Museum opened an art project by Olga Adam "All the money in the world." This is reported by BigKiev, referring to the museum. The image of Alexander the Great was first placed on coins when a political need arose - people throughout the empire had to find out what a strong and strong-willed ruler looked like. That is, money, in addition to economic, also played the role of political PR. Olga Adam adds pop art elements to portraits of rulers, turning them into works of art.

Art exhibition in Kyiv
News · 30. October 2019
Kyiv History Museum invites everyone to visit the exhibition by Lina Gorelova called SELF UNIVERSE STRATUMS, which will take place from November 12 to November 27, 2019. Color saturation and unexpected shapes characteze Lina's works. She compares human destinies with the canvas, and the inner worlds with mysterious constellations that cannot be grasped.

News · 11. October 2019
On Saturday, October 12, the Nansen Fest will be held at the Museum of Kyiv History. The festival will celebrate the birthday of the renowned and world-renowned Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen. This is reported by Vechirniy.Kyiv. The event will be held in two languages - English and Ukrainian, as the festival will be hosted by Ukrainian and international speakers and guests.

Art exhibition
News · 22. September 2019
An exhibition of painting and sculptures "The Texture of Emotions" opens at the Kyiv History Museum. The authors are Ruslan Romanishin (sculpture, graphic) and Leonid Bagrii (painting). Ruslan and Leonid's tandem is a collaboration of two like-minded individuals and opponents at the same time, which pushes them to creative search. The thoughts of the artists, being crossed, are embodied in joint projects. This is reported by BigKiev.